IntroducingBrokenVAAs an attorney who has spent nearly 20 years representing veterans and their families in their fight to win veterans benefits, I’m faced with an inescapable reality; the Department of Veterans Affairs is broken, dysfunctional, adversarial, deceptive, unfriendly, bureaucratic, and deliberately designed to make it as difficult as possible for veterans, surviving spouses, and orphans to collect benefits to which they are entitled to legally and morally.

My observation is neither unique, nor am I the first to make this observation. Indeed, scarcely a week passes without a story in the national or local news regarding the dysfunction of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Congressmen, Senators, and the very people employed at the Department of Veterans Affairs routinely concede that VA is dysfunctional. VA is broken.

For years, we have heard our political leaders pledge to solve the issues plaguing the Department of Veterans Affairs, only to see those promises go unfulfilled. Yet, I do not doubt that the people who work for VA are, by and large, good people. In my nearly 20 years of fighting for veterans, most of the VA employees I have met are genuinely interested in seeing that justice prevails and that veterans and family members receive the benefits to which they are entitled. And yet I believe in the inescapable reality that VA is dysfunctional. VA is broken.

I’m here to raise my voice and to advocate for change. This is why I decided to publish and publicize I’m under no legal or ethical obligation to publish this blog. I receive no payment and expect no reward. There will be no advertising on this site, and I will not sell you, the reader, any product or services. If you, the reader, find my posts or those of others who collaborate with me to be entertaining or informative, then the effort has been worth it. If the posts on this blog lead to positive change, then the effort really has been worth it. is not simply a blog to catalogue the failings of VA, but a voice to advocate for its improvement. We seek to elevate the voices of our nation’s veterans and build momentum for real change. VA is broken, and we want to fix it.