At we welcome and appreciate contributions from our readers. There are a number of ways you can participate with and make your voice heard.

Submit a News Item for Veteran Links
On weekday mornings, we post a round-up of the latest news affecting the VA and veterans’ issues. If you see an article or other news item that you think would be of interest to our readers, let us know by sending us a link to the article or news item by email at or by using the Contact form on the website. Generally, we prefer links that are timely, meaning that the article or news item was written in the last few days or concerns an event that is happening in the near future.

Submit a Letter to the Editor
We love to hear the views of our readers, especially when they are veterans or people who have gone through a battle with the VA. If you have an interesting story about an experience with the VA, or want to express your opinions on a VA or veteran-related issue, you can write a Letter to the Editor. We have adopted the following guidelines for Letters to the Editor:

  • Letter should focus on issues relevant to, including issues effecting veterans, laws relating to veterans, proposed legislation, experiences with VA claims, experiences with VA healthcare, or any other topic relevant to our readers.
  • People who submit their letter should indicate how they would like to be identified. For example, if your name is John Doe, you could ask to be identified using your real name, or you could ask to be identified as “John” or “John D.” If you are a veteran and would like to indicate the branch of your service, the years of your service, or your rank, please include this information as well. We generally do not accept anonymous Letters to the Editor, but would consider publishing an anonymous letter on a case-by-case basis.
  • Letters should be concise. We ask that you do your best to limit yourself to 700 words, which is the typical length of an article posted on our website. Most word processing software (such as Microsoft Word) has tools to tell you the number of words in your letter.
  • Letters should be written using respectful language. We will not accept letters that use profanity or derogatory language toward any individual. For example, we would not accept a letter stating that “VA’s new policy is raping veterans,” but would accept a letter stating that “VA’s new policy is harmful to veterans.” Similarly, we do not accept letters containing unsubstantiated allegations of illegal or immoral conduct against any individual.
  • Any letter submitted will be published on the website at the sole discretion of the website’s publisher and managers.

Letters to the editor can be submitted as Microsoft Word or PDF documents in attachments sent via email to, or you can write your letter to the editor directly into the Contact form on the website.

Send us a Tip
Are you aware of something fishy going on within the VA? Are you a VA employee who knows about something wrong happening within the VA? If so, you can send us a tip via email to When we receive a tip, we work with the person who contacted us to determine whether we can help them get their story out. All tips will be treated as confidential to the extent permitted by law.